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Baby Chimps, 12 Months to 2 Years

Baby Chimps is the most recent section of our fun club. It is open to babies and toddlers aged between 12 months and 2 years and has its own private rooms within our clubhouse. There is a non- mobile area especially for those children who are not yet walking, a separate sleep area and a messy play area. In a caring environment, with many fun and stimulating sensory activities on offer, your child will enjoy their first experiences of being away from home.

To ensure that each child has enough space and attention, baby chimps will only take a maximum of 6 children per day with a staff to child ratio of at least 1:3 to maintain an exceptionally high level of care.

Snacks and full fat milk will be provided in both the morning and afternoon.

 Baby Chimps Baby Chimps


The day is split into two sessions:

Morning session

8.00 AM – 1.00 PM

Afternoon session

1.00 PM – 6.00 PM


  • The cost per session is £21.00
  • The cost of a full day is £42.00

Please note in order to keep your child’s space, fees will still be charged for even in their absence.


There is a 5% discount for payment in full at the start of a term, half term or holiday period. This can be used with other discounts i.e. sibling discount.

Bank Holidays

Cheeky Chimps will not be open on Bank holidays or weekends.